design & consulting 

A fully-qualified graphic designer by trade, Lindsay has come to be passionate about the role of design in communicating creative ideas, solving creative problems, influencing research & dictating marketing. She is passionate about working alongside & building up entrepreneurial individuals who are looking to expand their business through branding & marketing, engaging with them on both a personal & professional level to better understand their needs in this process. She does this by building long-lasting business relationships & creative problem-solving.

Having been exposed to world-class marketing campaigns & design, as well as designers of varying aptitude and expertise, Lindsay has gained skills and expertise in a variety of creative fields, industries & target audiences, allowing these encounters to increase her own capacity & skillset.

From print elements to digital campaigns, events planning, exhibition design, professional photography, production shoots & international design shows, she has had the opportunity to establish a professional portfolio of the highest standard. These adventures exposed her to various industries such as interior design, building & construction, marketing, education, financial, pharmaceutical, food & hospitality to name a few.

With an inquisitive mind & a creative-solutions-oriented approach, each problem becomes an opportunity for growth and an area where Lindsay would gladly help attain an answer to industry challenges. Placing connection & creativity at the forefront of every job, she combines design industry experience, excellent research skills & a gift of empathy to solve design problems.  


Design Services include:
  • Logo & Branding

  • Website Design (Including Implementation, SEO, and Maintenance)

  • Social Media Design / Management / Consulting

  • Brochure / Report / Magazine Layout & Design

  • Photo Editing & Retouching

  • Print Design (Including Brochures, Print Ads, Postcards, Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Banners, Flyers, Posters, and more!)

  • Digital Design / Marketing

  • Illustration

  • Interior Design 

  • Video Production (including videography)

Creative Consulting

With so many years in the industry, Lindsay is confident in her expertise to help guide you towards your goals. 

Her experience with businesses ranging in size from corporations to individual / family-owned companies has informed our knowledge of what design methods are most effective and compelling for any given assignment. Whether you’re seeking consultations on advertising creative or brand identity, you can trust Lindsay to provide legitimate and honest support.